Tiffin Services

  • The Vruddhashram provides Tiffin Service to the elderly people residing in the city of Bhavnagar.
  • Currently, the Ashram serves around 290 households out of which 20 households get Tiffin Service free for cost for a lifetime as they are economically not capable of paying the token Tiffin charges.
  • The Tiffin charges are Rs. 2300/- per month for two times meal including delivery charges.
  • Tiffin servicemen deliver the Tiffins and also take back the same twice a day.
  • Menu for lunch is Roti (રોટલી), Daal (દાળ), Rice (ભાત), Sabzi (શાક), Beans (કઠોળ), and Salad
  • Menu for dinner is Khichadi (ખીચડી) Kadhi (કઢી), Bhakahri (ભાખરી), and Sabzi (શાક).
  • Tiffins get delivered at 11 in morning and 6.30 in the evening.

Kitchen – Tiffin Department
Kitchen – Tiffin Department
Working Ladies in Tiffin Department
Tiffin boys are ready to go
Ready Tiffin