Other Facilities


Community Services

  • It is not only the Ashram mates, but local people from nearby and faraway places take advantage of the facilities and the activities of the institute.
  • E.g. Dispensaries, Library, Temple, Medical Campus, Entertainment and Religious Programmes, Speeches & Talk by Experts etc.


Other Facilities
Total 75 staff members are engaged in this humanitarian service.

  • The other facilities include an administrative office, a beautiful garden, rector's residence, quarters, reception lounge, laundry space, meeting room, water room, stores etc.

Bhavnagar Vrudhhashram Trust – Office Staff
Staff at VrudhdhaNiketan Gruhpal, Cooking and Cleaning  Staff
Jivan Sadhya Cooking  and Cleaning Staff
Senior Citizen Tiffin Department Staff
Other Amenities


  • Besides all the above facilities and advantages, Ashram mates can also bring their electrical appliance like T.V. and the Ashram does not charge single paisa for the electricity.
  • Thus, after considering all the above benefits and advantages, one of the Ashram mates commented the Ashram as "Swarg" for them. That is "HEAVEN ON EARTH"