Living Rooms

  • There are living rooms for male, female, and couple occupancy.
  • All the rooms are having attached bathrooms - toilets, chairs, cupboards etc.
  • The living rooms are well ventilated and well lit. Daily regular cleaning and housekeeping is ensued.
  • There is a home-like environment in each room, where the Ashram mates can keep their personal belongings, photographs of Gods and Goddesses, idols, souvenirs, and other articles they bought from their families etc.
  • At present, Ashram mates enjoy their home-like living in these rooms without any physiological reservation or physical restrictions.

Living Room – Jivan Sandhya. Living Room – Vruddha Niketan. Living Room – Vruddha Niketan.
Cabin- General Room Vruddha Niketan. New Room- Jivan Sandhya. Living Room – Jivan Sandhya.