1. Cultural Activities:

  • A well-designed entertainment hall - a stage to perform cultural programs by the Ashram mates and by the invited groups.
  • Social connectivity of the Ashram mates.
  • Various entertainment groups of Bhavnagar, social organizations, & services clubs such as Rotary groups, college students, some artists visit to arrange such events in the Ashram campus.
  • Elders can perform their programs, viz. musical, cultural, and spiritual.

2. Rest Room, Play and Exercise Room:

  • There are well-marked facilities for Ashram mates to rest, play or perform various physical exercises.
  • Campus compound offers similar facilities such as sit on the benches, relax, and communicate, can take part in special celebrations.
  • The T.V. room is a place for entertainment for Ashram mates.
  •

3. Festival Celebration:

  • Musical programs of light & instrumental music, old films songs, Bhajan & Kirtan, Magic Shows, Folk - Songs, Dayaras, are arranged regularly.
  • Ashram Celebrates all the spiritual festivals throughout the year like Diwali, Janmashtami, Ram Navmi, and Ganesh Chaturthi etc...
  • Satyanarayan Puja arranged by Ashram mates.
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4. Prayer Hall and Temple:

  • Prayers are food for their soul and spirits.
  • There are separate prayer halls and temples for each building
  •

5. Tours and Travels:

  • Outreach programs for religious yatra or visits to historical places like Somnath, Haridwar, Mathura, Seashores, Rivers, etc... for Ashram mates.
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