Prayer Hall and Temple

  • Both building complex of the Bhavnagar Vruddhashram have got special prayer hall with the mike-speaker announcement facilities.
  • The spiritually conducive environment is maintained in the prayer hall through displays, pictures, drawings, and inspiring thoughts painted on the walls.
  • Regular prayers in the morning and evening are undertaken. Prayers are food for their soul and spirits.
  • When they come out of prayers, they shine with the freshness and spiritual brilliance on their face.
  • A well-decorated temple with a pleasant architectural outlook helps the Ashram mates connect themselves with their higher-selves which gives them supreme gratification and spiritual fulfillment.
  • Ashram mates invariably uncover the divinity already residing within themselves.

Farewell to Arunaben – Kitchen head.
Devotional Singing – at Jivan Sandhya.
Idol of Shri Krishna at Jivan Sandhya.
Prayer at Jivan Sandhya.
Temple- Narmadeshwar at Vruddha Niketan.
Idol – Radha Krishna at prayer Hall Vruddha Niketan.