Glimpses of the Infrastructure and Operational Facilities



  • Two well-lit, well-ventilated buildings, appropriately designed with all facilities, amenities, and support system a pilgrimage like place to visit in Bhavnagar.
  • Well equipped, up-to-date facilities, and administrative network.
  • Continuous improvement operational functioning of Ashram.
  • An excellent state of the art, a proven role model for institutions pursuing similar goals and objectives.

1. Smt. Valiben Haribhai Valiya (શ્રીમતી વાલીબેન હરિભાઇ વળીયા)- Clinic and Dispensary :

  • Allopathic, Homeopathic, Acupressure, Ayurvedic:- Clinic and Dispensary
  • Medical surveillance - regular health assistance readily availed at this age.
  • Qualified and expert panel of doctors.
  • Regular health checkups of Ashram mates.
  •

2. Shree R. V. Gosaliya (શ્રી આર. વી. ગોસળિયા ) Library and Reading Room

  • Ashram Library having more than 10595 books, 72 periodicals, and 8 daily newspapers
  • Gujarati, Hindi, and English.
  • Borrow and read in rooms, in the reading hall, anywhere in Ashram.
  • Spiritual books of all religions, storybooks, novels, poems, inspiring quotations.
  • The library is enriched annually.
  •

3. Living Rooms

  • Living rooms for male, female, and couple occupancy.
  • Facilities of attached bathrooms - toilets, chairs, cupboards etc.
  • Daily regular housekeeping is ensued.
  • Space to keep personal belongings, photographs of God Idols, souvenirs, and other articles they bought from their families for Ashram mates.
  •

4. Kitchens and Dining Room

  • Two separate buildings having 2 kitchens.
  • Three daily dishes: (1) Jain dishes, (2) Dishes without Spices, and (3) Regular dishes.
  • Nicely cooked food and beverages are served fresh on time to Ashram mates.
  • The dining hall: a pleasant and inspiring spiritual environment - healthy meals leads towards their perfect psychological and physical wellbeing.
  •