International senior citizen day 1st October, 2021

  • Every year we celebrate 1st October with flag hoisting and organizing various games.
  • The whole institute swings in a joyous mood with full of events.
  • Office staff participates happily in extra work, trustees remain present to give their best wishes and also take part.

22nd Sept. and 23rd Sept. 2021, Cleaning Room

  • Cleaning and decorating the own room.

28th Sept. and 29th Sept. 2021, Carrom Tournament

  • Carrom Tournament between ladies and gents.

29th Sept. 2021, Musical Chair

  • Our Grand Parents played musical chair with full of fun and visor.

29th Sept. 2021, Thronging Ball to Bucket


29th Sept. 2021, Breaking the Pyramid by thronging the Ball It requires precision but it is done!


29th Sept. 2021, Memory Test


30th Sept. 2021, Lemon on a Spoon and then walk fast. It required control - done successfully.


30th Sept. 2021, Throws Flowers Catch on a Dish

  • Two persons game: one throws the flowers and another is catching it It sounds easy but not so easy !